Campaign for MMP

Our group ran a national campaign to keep MMP at the 2011 referendum on electoral systems.

In November 2011 New Zealanders voted by nearly 58% to 42% to keep MMP.

Our work is done however this site has been archived for researchers and other interested groups.


Rethink urged on reluctance to progress MMP changes

The group that campaigned to keep MMP at the 2011 referendum is urging the Justice Minister to reconsider her stance on not implementing changes to the MMP system. Continue reading

MMP review honours public desire for fine tuning

The Electoral Commission has honoured New Zealanders’ desire to fine tune MMP but keep proportionality as the centrepiece of their electoral system, Campaign for MMP said today. Continue reading

MMP review suggestions must be seriously considered

Campaign for MMP says politicians would be ill advised to ignore the findings of the independent review on MMP, as public hearings head to Auckland tomorrow. Continue reading

Campaign for MMP Review Guide

The Campaign for MMP has prepared a guide to help people make submissions on the review of MMP. Continue reading

We’ve selected it, now it’s time to perfect it

Campaign for MMP is encouraging the public to take part in the review of MMP, to ensure the system is bedded down for several generations. Continue reading

Public’s views on MMP must be heard and addressed

MMP supporters say they will honour a promise made during the campaign to help the public take part in the fine tuning of MMP, and are calling for the Electoral Commission to lead a deeper discussion than that announced today. Continue reading