Old majoritarian electoral systems are creaking

Old majoritarian electoral systems such as those used in Australia and England are no longer fit for purpose, Campaign for MMP said today.

“In the recent UK and Australian elections, the First Past the Post and Preferential Vote systems respectively used in those countries have failed to deliver single party majority government,” Campaign for MMP spokesperson Sandra Grey said.

“Systems designed for single party government are now collapsing under the weight of third party support, which neither system adequately recognises.”

“New Zealanders must surely now question the rationale behind a referendum with such failed options as FPP and PV.”

“The Australian and British elections reflect what prompted New Zealanders to chuck out its majority system in 1993, that voters want parliaments to reflect the diversity of the electorate.”

“MMP is fit for purpose for our 21st century electorate. It delivers a representative parliament reflecting all our voters,” Sandra Grey said.

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