Women’s Participation Census highlights MMP report

Alongside women’s representation in corporate and non-profit life, the representation of women in Parliament should remain a key concern, Campaign for MMP said today.

Today’s Census of Women’s Participation highlights the study “Representing Women,” released by Women for MMP on Suffrage Day this year. The report discussed both the better representation and specific policy wins for women since MMP was introduced.

Sandra Grey, spokesperson for Campaign for MMP, said there was a significant risk that a return to a non-proportional voting system would reintroduce barriers to women’s participation in Parliament.

“In 1993, the final election under first-past-the post, 21% of parliamentary seats were won by women. This increased in 1996 under MMP to 29%, and it is currently over 30%.”

“We would almost certainly see a drop in the number of women in parliament if there was a move back to first-past-the-post or to another majority-plurality system, like supplementary member,” Sandra Grey said.

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