Poll bodes well for MMP referendum

Two polls out in the past month bode well for this year’s vote on MMP, says the group campaigning to keep it.

Today’s NZ Herald Digipoll finding nearly 51% support keeping MMP, reflects a similar sentiment in the December TVNZ Colmar Brunton poll, which had support for MMP on 50%.

Campaign for MMP spokesperson Sandra Grey said MMP was a broadly popular electoral option which allowed voters the representative of their choice, and the parties in government they preferred.

She said if support for MMP continues to grow as the latest polls are showing, voters who want to change some aspects of MMP will get the chance to do so.

“If a majority of people vote to keep MMP, it automatically triggers an independent review to iron out concerns people may have.”

“MMP has run well for 5 elections, and so this process allows the public to take a look at how MMP is working, but not throw the baby out with the bathwater.”

She said while they were positive, the group would not be taking the results of these two polls for granted.

“This will be a very busy year for New Zealanders, with the Rugby World Cup and of course the general election. Our group’s job is to mobilise public support for keeping MMP, and we’re determined to do that.”

Sandra Grey said overseas elections last year helped to remind New Zealanders that 19th Century voting systems like Australia’s and UK’s aren’t working, and that MMP is the fairest, most representative option for New Zealand.

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