November MMP referendum date welcomed

Campaign for MMP has welcomed today’s announcement of November 26 as the MMP referendum and general election date.

“2011 will be a busy year for New Zealanders, with many people’s hearts and minds focused during August and September on the All Blacks winning the Rugby World Cup,” said Sandra Grey, Campaign for MMP spokesperson.

“It’s great then that there will be a clear 5 week period for the election and MMP referendum, so voters have the chance to digest all the information that is presented to them.”

A key issue for the referendum was letting the public know that the best way to improve MMP was to vote for it, as doing so would trigger an independent review, Sandra Grey said.

“We know that MMP is a broadly popular electoral option, and recent polls have confirmed this. But some people want to see changes to certain aspects of MMP.”

“MMP has been running well for 5 elections, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be made even better. The public can now vote to keep MMP in the confidence that this will mean a thorough independent process to review it.”

Sandra Grey said Campaign for MMP was gearing up for the referendum, and had begun an outreach programme, with regional groups set up in a number of areas.

“Our group’s job is to mobilise public support for keeping MMP. We’re looking forward to it.”


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