Monthly Archives: May 2011

Public will pass its own judgement on motives of anti MMP lobby


The public will pass its own judgement on the motives of a new group set up to try and take away proportional representation, Campaign for MMP said today. Continue reading


MMP referendum debate welcomed


Campaign for MMP is looking forward to putting forward the case for MMP during this year’s referendum debate. Continue reading

Extra funding for MMP referendum education welcomed


Campaign for MMP has today welcomed additional funding for the Electoral Commission to educate the public about the upcoming MMP referendum. Continue reading

Public back MMP, but a narrow minority is mobilising to take it away

A new poll showing the public back MMP affirms that voters want to retain a real choice in how they elect their representatives, MMP campaigners say. Continue reading

Clayton’s choice in UK referendum


British voters were denied a real choice between a proportional and non-proportional voting system, in a referendum that amounted to little more than a vote between Tweedledum and Tweedledee, Campaign for MMP said today. Continue reading

Brash backs SM: public have right to know who’s behind it

The public has a right to know who is backing a discredited electoral system that only 1 in 20 voters supported when it was last put to the vote, and that is blatantly unfair, Campaign for MMP said today. Continue reading