Public will pass its own judgement on motives of anti MMP lobby


The public will pass its own judgement on the motives of a new group set up to try and take away proportional representation, Campaign for MMP said today.

A Sunday newspaper has today reported that an anti MMP group is due to begin its campaign against the current voting system, ahead of the November 26 referendum on MMP.

“New Zealanders voted to bring in proportional representation in the 1990s because they were sick of their votes counting for nothing,” said Sandra Grey, Campaign for MMP spokesperson.

“Under our old system, the National Party supporter in a safe Labour area saw their votes totally wasted.”

“The same applied for Labour supporters in National areas, and supporters of smaller parties also.”

“Our group is mobilising public support to keep MMP, through stalls, leafleting, online outreach and speaking to groups.”

“We’re concerned, but not surprised to see that once again a small group from big business and a few lobbyists are rallying to take away a fair voting system, where every ones vote counts.”

“But in the end, the public will make up their own mind about the motives of these narrow interests, and what they hope to gain from an end to proportional representation,” Sandra Grey said.

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