Lewis Holden adopted as MMP campaign spokesperson

As the Rugby World Cup campaign builds momentum this weekend, Aucklanders have the chance to take part in another campaign of national importance – to keep the MMP voting system.

Newly announced Campaign for MMP Auckland spokesperson Lewis Holden will be out and about in the Wynyard Quarter with national spokesperson Dr Sandra Grey, mingling with Rugby World Cup supporters on Sunday (September 18).

They will be at the Karanga Plaza from 11.30am-12.30pm on Sunday talking to supporters, meeting the public and discussing this year’s referendum.

Mr Holden, chair of New Zealand’s Republican Movement, said he was honoured to become a spokesman for the Campaign for MMP.

“MMP is free market politics, and is vital to ensure a level playing field,” he said. “Proportional voting lowers the barriers to entry and stops monopoly politics. It allows for a proper competition of ideas in our political system.”

Mr Holden said although winning the Rugby World Cup might be the most significant sporting campaign in New Zealand this year, voting to keep MMP was crucial for continued fairness in our electoral system. The referendum takes place on the same day as the general election, November 26.

Sandra Grey said New Zealanders had already chosen a proportional voting system, and it was now vital they reaffirmed that choice.

“New Zealanders clearly don’t want their votes to be wasted, as they were before the public switched to MMP,” she said.

“We are keen to talk to anyone with any questions about this referendum, and about why MMP is the best voting system for New Zealand. Take time out from the Rugby World Cup festivities to come and have a chat at the Wynyard Quarter.”


Dr Sandra Grey
 is the president of the Tertiary Education Union, which represents academic and administrative staff at universities and polytechs around New Zealand. Until 2010 Sandra was a senior lecturer at Victoria University, teaching social and public policy.

Lewis Holden is a Wellington-born Aucklander who works in the IT industry and was elected chair of New Zealand’s Republican movement in 2006. Lewis is a national spokesperson for the Campaign for MMP with a special emphasis on Auckland.


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