10 weeks to go, can you spare us 10?

10 weeks to go the referendum. (Well nearly 9, as of Monday). Can you spare a tenner for the home straight?

Your help is needed to keep a fair voting system this November.

Since last year, we have been working hard to make sure everyone is aware of how important it is to keep MMP.

To run an effective campaign across New Zealand doesn’t happen for free.  We’re very reliant on the support of people like you.

78 per cent of our donations have come from individuals donors, mostly through one off donations or regular automatic payments. 22 per cent has come from institutional supporters. More about our supporters is here.

Donations get put towards campaign expenses such as our paid national coordinator, leaflets, coreflute placards, stickers, banners, room hire, badges and so on.

Every bit helps.  We’re encouraging MMP supporters to commit to a regular $10 donation from now until the referendum. The frequency is just what you can manage – be it $10 a week, $10 a fortnight, $10 a month and so on.

Your support is needed NOW more than ever. This is your chance to make a difference. Do you want a fair go for everyone or just a few?

Our political system isn’t a horse race — it’s democracy!  Don’t risk a return to First Past the Post or its variants, where hundreds of thousands of votes get wasted.

Donate now!

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