MMP debate kicks off campaign in Hawke’s Bay

Media Release: Hawkes Bay Campaign For MMP

The MMP referendum kicks off officially in Hawke’s Bay with a debate on MMP this Sunday, 25 September, 7 pm-8.30pm at the Clive Community Hall.

Campaign for MMP’s national spokesperson Dr Sandra Grey is debating against Jordan Williams from Vote for Change organisation, with Hastings Mayor Lawrence Yule in the chair. Dr Sandra Grey is the president of the Tertiary Education Union and a senior lecturer at Victoria University in social and public policy.

There will be a cross party forum All political parties are invited to participate in a forum following the debate, and there will be plenty of time for questions from the floor.

The debate is organised by the local Campaign for MMP group who believe that with MMPis a fairer sypstem because your vote counts wherever you are living.

“With MMP our parliament looks like New Zealand, representing the diversity of our population rather than just those from the two main parties’, says convenor and Napier City Councillor Maxine Boag.

Hawke’s Bay Regional Counciilor Liz Remmerswaal agrees.
“We have had stable governments led by both National and Labour under MMP,” she says, “and although it’s not a perfect system, the kinks should be ironed out by an independent review rather than throwing it out.

Hastings District Councillor Sandra Hazlehurst is another supporter.

“It’s important that voters allow a review of MMP to take place rather than discarding it for another antiquated or unsuitable system,” she says.

All welcome, koha and refreshments at the door, and home in time to watch the rugby!


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