Voters unhappy with electorate deals can modernise MMP system

Voters unhappy with electorate deals designed to allow successful electorate candidates to bring in a few more list MPs can opt to modernise the MMP system this year, said Philip Temple, a spokesperson for Keep MMP.

He was responding to the National Business Review’s poll earlier today regarding the Epsom electorate.

Philip Temple said that the independent review of MMP was one of the most important aspects of this year’s referendum on our voting system.

“We know that some people get annoyed when parties pull in one or more MPs on the coat tails of a win in one electorate, even if they haven’t reached 5% of the party vote.”

“But this and other tweaks people want to MMP can be fixed in the review of MMP that the government is already legally committed to, if a majority of people vote to keep MMP on November 26.”

“After 6 elections, it will be time to take a closer look at how MMP is working.”

“A full review of MMP means we can modernise our voting system, without throwing the baby out with the bathwater,” he said.

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