Keep MMP releases analysis of FPP’s lookalike system Supplementary Member

Keep MMP supporters say retaining MMP in the referendum on Election Day is the only way to ensure we maintain a proportional electoral system which is fair and truly representative.

The referendum gives voters two choices: to keep MMP, or to choose an alternative system.

Keep MMP has today released its analysis of the Supplementary Member (SM) system.

The anti MMP lobby is now supporting the SM voting system, which has all the same problems as first past the post, Keep MMP spokesperson Lewis Holden said.

“Under SM, voters in a few marginal seats will have much more influence in determining Parliament’s make up, because three quarters of the seats in Parliament would be elected using FPP,” he said.

“For many people, not only will their votes in these electorate races count for nothing, especially if they live in ‘safe seats’, but their vote for the party of their choice will be devalued also, as the party vote will only apply to the small group of 30 seats, not take account of all 120 seats as under MMP,” Lewis Holden said.

Keep MMP spokesperson Philip Temple said that in 1986, the Royal Commission on the Electoral System rejected SM because it is not proportional and would be unfair to minor parties.

“In fact it makes things worse for minor parties because the main parties effectively get a ‘winner’s bonus’ by unfairly scooping up the bulk of the 30 supplementary seats,” he said.

“Supporters of SM are promoting it as a compromise between FPP and MMP.  I take strong issue with that.  It is not a compromise.  It is First Past the Post in disguise, and would see us return to the bad old days of unaccountable one-party rule.”

Philip Temple said that with SM currently polling at 3 per cent, it was highly unlikely to be the most popular option in the November 26 referendum’s second question, meaning if a 2014 referendum was triggered, it would be a run off between keeping MMP and going back to First Past the Post.

He said he was confident voters won’t be fooled by the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

“If you want parliamentary representation that is fair, and that delivers stable and effective government, vote to Keep MMP.  That way more votes count and we will continue to get a Parliament that looks and thinks like New Zealand,” he said.

Keep MMP today released its analysis of the SM voting system.  It is available here.

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