Monthly Archives: November 2011

MMP referendum results on December 10

Despite results of the election being known on the night, MMP referendum results won’t be confirmed until 2pm on December 10th. Continue reading


MMP Referendum now a two horse race

The voting systems referendum is now a two horse race between MMP and First Past the Post, a new analysis of opinion surveys show, and people should vote to keep MMP unless they want to return to FPP, Keep MMP says. Continue reading

Prime Minister will continue to make MMP work

The Prime Minister has made MMP work, and the public should have absolute confidence in his ability to continue doing so after the election if National forms a government. Continue reading

Anti MMP lobby challenged tonight

Keep MMP will tonight challenge the anti MMP lobby to explain how a vote for change will lead to anything other than another referendum between MMP and First Past the Post – a system New Zealanders have already rejected. Continue reading

Support firming for keeping and improving MMP

Keep MMP has welcomed a firming in support for retaining our MMP voting system. Continue reading

Voters won’t be fooled by anti MMP lobby’s attempts to mislead

The anti MMP lobby’s attempts to pull the wool over voters’ eyes over the number of MPs has not stopped a recent firming in support for MMP, Keep MMP spokesperson Sandra Grey said. Continue reading

Supplementary Member’s backers need to come clean on their con job

Advocacy of the Supplementary Member voting system is the biggest con job of this referendum, and anyone promoting it needs to be exposed for this, Keep MMP said today. Continue reading