Dungeons and Dragons for MMP

In November, four hardy adventurers will embark on a life and death struggle for honour, glory and unimaginable riches to keep MMP.
Saturday, 12 November 2011 – 12:00pmSunday, 13 November 2011 – 12:00pm

dndformmp2-smallOur brave heroes will sally forth for a marathon 24 hours of uninterrupted adventure. They will battle beasts, bandits and the odd bugbear to raise as much gold as possible for the Campaign for MMP.

But to succeed they need you.

Over the coming weeks we will introduce you to the adventurers and you will have the chance to donate to the campaign.  You can choose whether to help equip them for the challenges ahead or, if you’d prefer, you can donate to set even more obstacles in their path.

You will also have the chance to place your special stamp on the game, by naming one (or more) of the characters, by defining their catch-phrase or even by setting them a special challenge beyond their wildest dreams (or nightmares).

Donate now and choose a challenge for a character

To follow the adventure check out the D&D for MMP blog, or come along to Crossways, Roxburgh St, Mt Victoria, Wellington on 12-13 November.


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