Voters won’t be fooled by anti MMP lobby’s attempts to mislead

The anti MMP lobby’s attempts to pull the wool over voters’ eyes over the number of MPs has not stopped a recent firming in support for MMP, Keep MMP spokesperson Sandra Grey said.

Dr Grey is delivering a speech in Palmerston North tonight, on ‘cutting through the myths around voting systems.’

Sandra Grey said that chief among her concerns were deliberately misleading statements that the number of MPs was related to any particular electoral system.

“Our group has complained to the Electoral Commission over a misinformation campaign by the anti MMP lobby, which suggests all four alternatives to MMP could work with 99 MPs, but MMP needed 120.”

“Separately, a complaint has been laid with the Advertising Standards Authority by a media law expert over the same matter.

“MMP, like any other system we are considering, can work with more MPs or less MPs.

“Wales uses MMP with just 60 MPs, showing the number of politicians is not to do with the type of system we used.”

“New Zealanders do have very strong views on the number of MPs, which is why the government is taking this seriously, and tasking Bill English and Pita Sharples to lead a process looking at this and other matters.

“It’s essential that this issue is considered properly, regardless of voting system, which is exactly why the number of MPs has been excluded from aspects of the review of MMP if we vote to keep it.”

It’s time for the anti MMP lobby to come clean about what is really at stake this referendum, she said.

“Make no mistake, if we don’t vote to keep MMP on November 26, all we will be doing is asking ourselves in three years time whether or not we want to take a step backwards to First Past the Post.

“This is because if New Zealanders vote for change, there will be another referendum in 2014 which will almost certainly pit MMP against First Past the Post, the only other voting system with any real support.  This has been confirmed in every single recent poll on alternatives to MMP.

“Who stands to gain from a return to First Past the Post?”, Sandra Grey concluded.


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