Anti MMP lobby challenged tonight

Keep MMP will tonight challenge the anti MMP lobby to explain how a vote for change will lead to anything other than another referendum between MMP and First Past the Post – a system New Zealanders have already rejected.

Keep MMP spokesperson Sandra Grey will lay down the challenge at tonight’s Sky News referendum debate.

“The campaign against our MMP voting system has been marked by misinformation, most recently about the number of MPs, which drew sharp criticism on Friday from the Electoral Commission.”

“New Zealanders have made it clear they do not want to return to First Past the Post.”

“But if New Zealanders trigger a second run-off referendum in 2014 by voting for change, it will pit MMP against First Past the Post, the only other voting system to find any significant support.”

Sandra Grey said that despite being promoted by some lobbyists, the Supplementary Member system has come last in every one of the 5 polls this year to ask voters’ preferences of alternatives to MMP.   First Past the Post leads in all polls.

“This is the big con job of the referendum campaign, and those advocating for change need to explain their logic to voters.”

“If a majority vote to keep MMP at the November 26 referendum it guarantees an independent review to consider changes to the system, where we can improve MMP.”

“If there is a vote for change on November 26, all we will be doing is asking ourselves in three years time whether or not we want to go backwards to First Past the Post.”

“We think New Zealanders are ready to make that choice now,” she said.


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