MMP referendum results on December 10

Despite results of the election being known on the night, MMP referendum results won’t be confirmed until 2pm on December 10th.

This is because the priority for the Electoral Commission is the election results, so parties can start the process of forming the new government.

The results of people who voted in advance of November 26 were released on the night though, representing about 10 per cent of votes overall.

These indicate MMP is here to stay, with 53.74% of people voting to keep MMP, and 42.62% opting for change.

Our spokesperson Sandra Grey told APNZ News she was encouraged by the advance votes and was hopeful of a similar final result.

“It does show what the polls have been saying to us for the last couple of weeks, that there just wasn’t the appetite for change and people did actually want to retain MMP.”

Sandra was part of a team providing analysis on TVNZ’s election night coverage, and on Sunday she spoke with TV3’s The Nation programme as well as Radio NZ’s election special Morning Report.

The Keep MMP campaign is looking forward to the final results coming out, and will comment more on the referendum outcome, and the review, once those results are known.


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