MMP now confirmed for future generations

MMP is now firmly here to stay, Keep MMP spokesperson Sandra Grey said today.

Today’s MMP referendum results shows that nearly 58% of valid votes cast were to keep MMP, with just over 42% opting for change.

Sandra Grey said that during the past two years the Keep MMP group had been campaigning, they hadn’t detected a mood to change the voting system, but rather a desire to revise aspects of it.

“New Zealanders have said that they want to keep MMP, but want a chance to fine tune it.  An independent review of MMP means we can now get on with updating our voting system without throwing the baby out with the bathwater.”

“Our group will continue to be active next year to monitor the review of MMP, and help people take part in presenting the tweaks to MMP that they want.”

Sandra Grey paid tribute to the hundreds of volunteers across New Zealand, who delivered pamphlets, put up signs, ran public meetings and made donations over the past two years since the MMP campaign launched in February 2010.

She said support for MMP firmed over the final 5 week campaign period, recording 48% support in the first Herald Digipoll of the campaign, which climbed to 54.4% in the final week.  The Herald Digipoll was the only poll tracking MMP support on a weekly basis.

Sandra Grey said she hoped voters who still supported First Past the Post would take part in the review of MMP, so that New Zealand could have a system with enduring support over generations.

She said younger voters strongly supported MMP, and today’s result was an affirmation of their desire to have a voting system that gave them real choice – with a vote for someone to represent them locally as well as the party they most support.

“Voters in 2011 have done a tremendous service to future generations, who will go to the ballot box every three years knowing their votes truly count.”


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