We’ve selected it, now it’s time to perfect it

Campaign for MMP is encouraging the public to take part in the review of MMP, to ensure the system is bedded down for several generations.

Spokesperson Sandra Grey said that during the group’s two year campaign to keep MMP, they frequently heard from people who liked MMP but wanted to make some changes to how it worked at the margins.

“New Zealanders voted to keep MMP in the expectation that a review would take place which would fine tune MMP to iron out any wrinkles,” she said.

She said that the Campaign for MMP would remain active during the Electoral Commission’s review of MMP and any subsequent Parliamentary bill.

“We will be continuing to campaign to ensure it is the public who will be the main participants in this process.”

“It’s important that voters don’t just leave it to politicians to make changes that suit them.”

Parliament had unanimously voted for the legislation setting up the MMP referendum, including the topics for the review, and Sandra Grey called on politicians to treat seriously the outcomes of the Electoral Commission’s investigations.

“The views of the public expressed during the campaign to keep MMP and through this review need to be heard and addressed before the 2014 election,” she said.


Official MMP Review website from the Electoral Commission


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