MMP review suggestions must be seriously considered

Campaign for MMP says politicians would be ill advised to ignore the findings of the independent review on MMP, as public hearings head to Auckland tomorrow.

Last week the Electoral Commission began oral hearings in Wellington on its review of MMP.  They will continue in Auckland tomorrow and Thursday, and then on to Christchurch and Hamilton.

Campaign for MMP presented its submission last week in Wellington.

Sandra Grey, spokesperson for Campaign for MMP,  said that during the group’s two year campaign to keep MMP, the most common suggestion campaigners heard from members of the public who wanted to keep but modify MMP, was changes to the thresholds.

“Our observation from non-party submitters to the review is that there does seem to be some consensus forming around the 4% threshold being the only threshold.”

“International literature would suggest 3% as the lowest the threshold could go.  Our submission argued for a reduction to at least 4%, alongside ending the one seat lifeboat rule.”

“Following the review, Parliament will consider any legislative changes to our MMP system.  There is a strong onus on them to take seriously the recommendations of the Electoral Commission’s investigations.”

People wanting to make written submissions can still do so until the end of this month, Sandra Grey said.

A copy of the Campaign for MMP submission is here:


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