Rethink urged on reluctance to progress MMP changes

The group that campaigned to keep MMP at the 2011 referendum is urging the Justice Minister to reconsider her stance on not implementing changes to the MMP system.

In Parliament today, Judith Collins announced that the government would not be introducing legislation to make the modifications to MMP recommended by the Electoral Commission.

Sandra Grey, a spokesperson for Campaign for MMP in the lead up to the referendum, says that a once in a generation consideration of our electoral system is a serious matter, and the process deserves to be completed, not left unfinished late in the piece.

“The electoral system belongs to the people, not to the Parliamentarians.  By not putting forward draft legislation, the government is effectively denying the public the opportunity to formally respond to proposed changes to MMP in legislation, and finish this process fully.”

Although changes in time for the 2014 election now seem unlikely, Sandra Grey encouraged the Justice Minister to not drop this matter entirely.

“There are still options.  If not for the 2014 election, then there is no reason why parties could not continue to work on modifications to MMP, and bring forward changes to be implemented for the 2017 election.”

All parties should commit to continuing to progress this matter, Sandra Grey said.


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