About Us

* Our group ran a national campaign to keep MMP at the 2011 referendum on electoral systems. In November 2011 New Zealanders voted by nearly 58% to 42% to keep MMP. Our work is done however this site has been archived for researchers and other interested groups. *

About the Campaign for MMP

We are a group of citizens based throughout the country, who are campaigning to keep MMP as our voting system. If you want to know about other voting systems, go to the Referendum website.

We formed the Campaign for MMP in 2010 after the Government announced its intention to hold a referendum on New Zealand’s voting system. Our supporters come from all kinds of political perspectives. The one thing that unites us is we agree that MMP delivers a representative and democratic parliament that is fair to all voters. We want to keep MMP!

We have regional groups around the country, national spokespeople based in Wellington and Auckland, and a national coordinating group. We’re funded through generous donations from people like you. We welcome you to join us and help us promote MMP.

Our goal
The Campaign for MMP was set up to rally public support for MMP. Our goal is that most people vote to keep MMP in the referendum to be held with the 2011 general election.

Spokesperson: Dr Sandra Grey
Phone: 021 844 176

Until 2010 Sandra was a senior lecturer at Victoria University, teaching social and public policy. Sandra maintains a strong connection with Victoria University and continues to research a range of topics around non-government organisations and citizen engagement in decision-making. Sandra is currently the president of the Tertiary Education Union that represents academic and administrative staff at universities and polytechnics around New Zealand.

Sandra grew up in Waiuku, a small community south west of Auckland. Before going to university at 25 Sandra was a journalist and music teacher.

Spokesperson: Lewis Holden
Phone: 027 699 1350

Lewis Holden is a Wellington-born Aucklander who works in the IT industry and was elected chair of New Zealand’s Republican movement in 2006. Lewis is a national spokesperson for the Campaign for MMP with a special emphasis on Auckland.

Convenor: Sam Huggard
Email: samhuggard (at) gmail . com
Phone: 021 462 148

Sam’s involvement in electoral issues started in Dunedin in 2002 and 2003, as coordinator of the Otago STV Action Group (then STV Dunedin), which mobilised 5% of the population to petition for a referendum on Dunedin’s voting system. More recently, he was on the organising team for the 2007 Coalition for Open Government, which re-formed in response to Government plans to rewrite the election finance laws.

Sam grew up in Auckland but is now based in Wellington, and shares his paid work between two roles as communications officer for a trade union and as a lecturer on Unitec’s Not-for-Profit Management Diploma.

Email contacts for regional groups:
Christchurch – MMP Canterbury
Nelson – Carl Horn
Wairarapa – Dennis Johnson
Wellington – Yvette Taylor or Oliver Christeller
Palmerston North – Lawrence O’Halloran
West Coast – Greg Hart
Auckland – Matthew Fitzsimons
Hamilton – Danna Glendining or Daphne Bell
Hawkes Bay – Liz Remmerswaal or Maxine Boag
London – Tan Copsey
Australia – Karen Skinner
Whakatane – Heather Thomas
Dunedin – Shaun Scott
Whangarei – Paul Doherty

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