Our supporters

23 September 2011.
Updated November 16 2011.

We’re very reliant on the support of hundreds of people around the country who want to keep a fair voting system.  

We welcome your donation to help us campaign to keep MMP at the November 26 referendum.  Donate now!

Every bit helps.  We’re encouraging MMP supporters to commit to a regular $10 donation from now until the referendum. The frequency is just what you can manage – be it $10 a week, $10 a fortnight, $10 a month and so on.

Our funding to date

Since the campaign started last year, we’ve raised $151,000 in individual and institutional donations and fundraising activities like the t-shirts, quizes, movie nights and special events.  Donations get put towards campaign expenses such as our paid national coordinator, leaflets, coreflute placards, stickers, banners, room hire, badges and so on, and more recently for a poster run and some radio advertising.

73 per cent of our donations ($110,000) have come from individual donors, from one off contributions, regular automatic payments and fundraisers like movie nights. There has been a great range.  For example, we’ve had 565 donations of $10 (many of them multiple APs), 40 donations of $100, 12 donations of $500, and two of $5000 – and many more in between.

27 per cent of donations ($41,300) have come from institutional supporters, such as the Council of Trade Unions (and a number of its affiliates), and the Coalition for Open Government.

We’ve also had lots of volunteer time donated to the campaign which has been great, on things like technical support and graphic design.  Not to mention the hundreds of you involved each week in your regional groups!


Our structure

We registered our legal entity earlier this year with the Registrar of Incorporated Societies (visitsocieties.govt.nz and search ‘Campaign for MMP’.)

And we have registered with the Electoral Commission as a third-party promoter for the referendum.


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