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At the referendum in November last year, New Zealanders voted by nearly 58% to 42% to keep MMP.  This is a great result, and thanks to everyone who was part of the campaign.

Now, a review of MMP is underway to make the system work even better.

Your submissions are welcome to help improve MMP.  Submissions are due by May 31 2012.

Visit our Review of MMP page here for all everything you need to know


Archived, from the 2011 campaign to keep MMP:

You are the voice of this campaign. Spread the word! There is no big budget advertising money behind the campaign to keep MMP. The campaign’s success relies on all of us talking to other voters, telling them about the benefits of MMP and why MMP is the fairest voting system.

Encourage others to vote to keep MMP

One of the best things you can do in your everyday life is talk to your friends, family, workmates there is a referendum and MMP is worth voting for.

Tell them MMP is a voting system that New Zealanders campaigned for and voted in back in 1993 for very good reasons. Before then, political parties sometimes gained power with only a minority of people voting for them, and then rammed through unpopular changes.

Sign on and show your support for MMP!

Sign up for regular news and stay in the loop on the campaign.


Volunteer your time and skills – there’s plenty to do! Simply fill in the volunteer form and we’ll be in touch.

Encourage friends and family to sign on

Email your friends and family and encourage them to find out about why MMP is important to them, and to sign on to keep up to date on the campaign and what they can do.

Contact us

Contact us to find a local group in your area, or get in touch with a specific person.

Write letters to the editor

Something as easy as writing a letter to the editor of your newspaper can reach many readers with your message. Use our quick guide for tips and a list of email addresses for newspapers in New Zealand.

Follow us

Share and post comments on Facebook and Twitter.

DIY campaigning!

Here are some ideas. Contact us if you need any help or campaign materials.

  • Put up posters at work and a placard on your fence
  • Leaflet your neighbourhood
  • Talk to your friends, neighbours and people on the bus about MMP
  • Write articles for newsletters
  • Write blogs, and comment on other blogs
  • Draw a cartoon, make a video for YouTube, tattoo your daughter
  • Be creative!

Organise a speaker from our Speakers Bureau

Request a speaker to talk to your club or community group.


We have a team of speakers who span a range of disciplines and backgrounds who are all great communicators. The speakers are all adept at engaging an audience on our electoral system, and the choice facing voters in the upcoming referendum on MMP on 26 November this year.

We advocate for the retention of MMP but our speakers are knowledgeable about all the electoral system options on offer, the political and historical context surrounding MMP, and the referendum.


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