Why keep MMP?

27 May 2011

Everyone’s vote counts equally

Only under MMP, no matter if you are in Otara or Otago, your vote counts equally along with everyone else’s. New Zealand is built on giving everyone a fair go. With MMP everyone’s party votes count equally to determine the number of seats each political party gets in Parliament.MMP_PowerOfYourVote_small

MMP parliaments reflect the diversity of New Zealanders

Under MMP our parliaments have become more representative of New Zealanders. MMP encourages all political parties to put a range of candidates on their party lists, including men and women, and European, Maori, Pacific and Asian representatives. MMP is a good fit for our multicultural society and for the future.

Keeping MMP promotes stability

Voting systems should not be changed at a whim as change produces instability. New systems take a while to get used to. We are familiar with MMP, it is working well and produces stable governments from both the right and the left.

MMP is adaptable – it can be made even better

If most people vote to keep MMP, this will trigger an independent review of MMP to make it even better. MMP is an adaptable system. If you like MMP but don’t like some of the details, vote for MMP and take part in the review. A vote for MMP is a vote to make it even better!

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