MMP Supporters Welcome Referendum Law

The Campaign for MMP welcomes the law setting up next year’s referendum and looks forward to putting the case for keeping MMP to the public.

Parliament will this afternoon complete the final stages of the Electoral Referendum Bill, which sets up next year’s MMP referendum.

“The referendum provides the opportunity to remind people why MMP was chosen in 1993, and about the positive effects it has had on New Zealand,” Campaign for MMP spokesperson Sandra Grey said.

“We will also be pointing out the weaknesses of all the alternatives”

Sandra Grey said the law being passed today sets up a fair vote on the issue, and MPs deserved credit for not trying to tilt the playing field in favour of one option.

“We are delighted that all parties have supported the referendum legislation, and worked hard to make it a fair vote. It is a great example of parties in an MMP Parliament co-operating for the public good.”

“We also want to thank the many New Zealanders who made submissions on the bill.”

“They have helped make sure this will be a fair test of our voting system,” Sandra Grey said.

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